Credentialing Manager

Earlene Carloss loves talking to people, especially her clients. As a Credentialing Manager for 20 years (the past 8 with QuarterLine), she interacts with people of all backgrounds to help get them what they need and ensure information is properly verified and accurately uploaded into an online credentialing database system. We asked Earlene a few questions about her role to learn how her upbeat, friendly personality helps her in her work and life in general.   

#1) What do you like most about what you do?

My job requires me to do a lot of talking, so that’s what I do best! I like to get to know people and where they come from. I’ve dealt with family members, spouses, people we’re trying to bring on board... Sometimes I speak to children who may be going through problems, and I try to help them the best way I can. When I’m talking to people, I like to visualize what they’re thinking at the time, what their thoughts are, what they look like…

#2) What is one of the most memorable moments you can recall at your job?

When my QuarterLine team was invited to Virginia… Pam Graff (CEO) just opened her arms and doors to us. I felt like I was really part of the family during our time there. She is just so kind; you cannot help but love her. Whatever we wanted, she made sure we received it. That is what I like about working with this company. It is a warm, friendly place to work. Now that we’re a part of PSI, that’s even more people we get to work with. That was a great moment for me. (When we were acquired by PSI), the team and I talked and talked until we couldn’t talk anymore! That was really special.

#3) Who is your hero/role model and why?

My mother is my role model. Everything that she did is what I wanted to become, and I think I have. I act so much like her and I can see myself in her. She instilled so many values in me. My mom was so down-to-earth and very friendly. That personality trait—showing yourself as friendly to everyone—that is what has gotten me so far in Credentialing. Even though I’m talking to most people on the phone, I still try to portray friendliness in the way I speak. I let them know I’m here for them.

#4) How has your career grown since starting at QuarterLine?

It has grown because I go back so far with QuarterLine, as well as with the other companies QuarterLine has dealt with. From 2000 to 2012, things really changed. Before that, I was working with emergency medicine physicians at different civilian hospitals. Once I came to QuarterLine, that is when I fell into government contracting. It is so much different. I have  learned so much because they really expect a lot compared to civilians. You have to go through many challenges and satisfy all departments. This has expanded my credentialing process altogether.

#5) How has the COVID-19 crisis changed the way you perform your duties?

The major thing about my credentialing piece is the immunizations. Because of COVID, getting the required immunizations is a requirement for all military personnel before they can even step foot on the base.

My job requires me to do a lot of talking, so that’s what I do best!

Then, they have to go back and try to get a physician or someone to sign off on the immunizations. Right now with COVID, no one is doing that and it delays the hiring process. That is really affecting the credentialing piece right now.

#6) If you could be given one superpower, what would it be?

With everything going on in the world today, I would like to be a healer. When you know someone who has COVID and may be dying from it… I want to be the person who actually does something to make them better.