QuarterLine Achieves CMMI Level 3 for Services

Herndon, VA (September 20, 2017)

QuarterLine Consulting Services (QuarterLine) is proud to announce that it has been formally appraised at CMMI for Services Maturity Level 3. The appraisal was performed independently by Acme Process Group.

“QuarterLine has always been a successful professional services and technology company. However, with the growing size and complexity of our government contracts, we realized the need to ensure high performance through applying proven processes, risk management and quality methods – resulting in our achievement of CMMI – SVS Maturity Level 3,” said Pamela Graff, President and CEO of QuarterLine.

CMMI is a proven approach to performance management with decades of successful results. Achieving CMMI Level 3 demonstrates that QuarterLine’s performance and execution is based upon standards, procedures, tools and methods that are well defined, understood, and improved over time. Organizations adhering to CMMI standards realize predictable cost, schedule and quality results that serve as discriminators in the competitive marketplace.

“With tight budgets and timeframes, our clients need to know they can trust their industry partners to deliver,” said Terri Anthony, QuarterLine’s Director of Operations. “Our leadership in service delivery, process maturity and innovation is a key component of QuarterLine’s long term strategy.”.