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QMed is QuarterLine’s partnership with ViiMed

QMed is a highly flexible and configurable interactive home monitoring and patient engagement solution that connects patients and their care providers from anywhere, at anytime, and on any device. QMed enables health care organizations to personalize and automate the delivery of their care programs – pathways – within the gaps in care. These automated care pathways combine personalized patient education, robust communication tools, patient-reported outcomes, satisfaction and quality surveys, and connected devices into an easy-to-use mobile solution for patients and their loved ones.

QMed combines industry-leading technology that has been tested and proven with large-scale health care delivery systems with a full-service support team. This complete solution includes: pre-packaged and pre-paired device kits, plug and play care pathway templates, a pathway coordination console for providers, interactive recorded-video tools, population-based data reporting, a pathway builder for custom protocol build outs, device management services, provider and patient support, EHR and patient portal integration, and an upcoming predictive analytics engine. QMed is launching with several connected devices for vitals and activity monitoring, (e.g., blood pressure, weight, blood glucose, oximeter, pedometer, accelerometer, and spirometer). QMed plans to increase the number of pre-paired devices and is actively partnering with leading-edge device companies. For more information, visit

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