Consulting Services

QuarterLine’s Consulting Services are rooted in the idea that stakeholders of a successful project or enterprise must be engaged at all stages of program development/management or problem-solving, from definition to solution deployment.  QuarterLine applies this orientation to every consulting engagement.

For all areas of our consulting practice, including strategic planning, technical assistance, training, and end-to-end program management, QuarterLine’s approach helps clients ensure success.  And, by bringing the right mix of expertise and process management discipline, QuarterLine gives clients confidence that their success is sustainable over time.

Select QuarterLine consulting engagements:

Pharmacy Consulting. QuarterLine provides a wide range of services to our pharmacy clients, including sales strategy, product development/release, marketing support and technical guidance in all business areas.  QuarterLine has core strength in healthcare pharmacy programs.  Our clients include large pharmaceutical manufacturers, research organizations, PBMs, and a range of small to midsize pharmacy companies.

Business Planning/Strategy. Under this broad category, QuarterLine consultants serve our clients in business planning, strategy and development efforts.  Our engagements have included providing training to project teams, supporting sales strategy, providing targeted market research, formulating go-to-market plans and assessing distribution channels.  QuarterLine health professionals have a wide range of expertise to assist clients in short or long-term business needs.

Federal Programs.  QuarterLine has supported clients in navigating the complex regulatory environment.  Our engagements have included developing grant and proposal responses, assisting commercial and Government customers in developing sales plans, and a wide range of policy and planning support.  QuarterLine has significant experience in DoD and VA programs, as well as international development programs stemming from OGAC and USAID.

Sustainable Public Health Supply Chains. The Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR, stands as one of the largest and most successful global health initiatives in history.  Under the PEPFAR Program umbrella, QuarterLine staff has worked with ministries of health and other stakeholders in countries all over the world to develop integrated health commodity delivery systems.  Now QuarterLine is working with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to effectuate the transfer of leadership of supply chain management to local personnel through innovative capacity building approaches.

Veterans Benefit Management System.  QuarterLine facilitates the improvement of veterans’ ability to apply for and receive much deserved benefits.  This includes providing specialized systems testing services for the Veterans Benefit Management System (VBMS), working to automate the process for veterans to receive benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Custom Technology Solutions.  QuarterLine has provided systems design and development for clients, with a specialization in end-to-end program support within federal and state programs. Our staff engages across the full software lifecycle according to the needs of our clients, including requirements analysis, formal design reviews, test planning and execution, and maintenance and support.

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